About Us

Only two methods exist for predicting consumer trends and behaviour:

using a crystal ball or conducting thorough consumer research. 

Welcome to the Great Big Wine Survey, a hub for insights on South African wine consumers. We are a community of academics, researchers, wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and novices who share a passion for the art of wine and behavioural science, supporting you with relevant consumer data.

The team behind the Great Big Wine Survey considers wine a journey through time, culture, and nature. Our mission is to support producers and marketers to enhance the wine experience of consumers, whether they are enjoying a glass at home, touring vineyards, or choosing the ideal bottle for a special occasion.


The annual Great Big Wine Survey gathers data from South African wine consumers on various topics, allowing us to provide the wine industry with consumer-centric marketing-driven insights.

Our History

  • Vintelligence was established when the need for consumer insights became a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way consumers behaved forever and the already stressed wine industry needed the insight to guide smart decision-making.
  • Vintelligence, an SSIH company, had unparalleled access to consumer audiences strengthened by research and trade partnerships.
  • TREES (Tourism Research in Economics, Environs and Society at North-West University) was the first to collaborate, assisting Vintelligence with questionnaire design and soon this project was larger than life and required technical support. After hearing about the project, KLA, the independent research agency, stepped in to support it.
  • Research requires financial support to carry the project through the phases of research design and could proceed with this project through the support of Hollard, who sponsored the Great Big Wine Survey from 2021 -2023.
  • In 2023 the Great Big Wine Survey reached independence and ownership moved from SSIH to KURK

The Future of the Great Big Wine Survey

  • The Great Big Wine Survey was born from a desire to assist the wine industry with cost-effective consumer information, and will always stay true to it.   The GWBS- Team will continue to provide the wine industry and interested wine consumers with free reports at regular intervals.
  • In addition to free reports, suppliers, producers and interested parties are invited to use the GBWS as research omnibus to measure and study a research question, through using the platform and infrastructure already in place.
  • Producers, suppliers and interested parties are also invited to request data dives on secondary data.
  • We invite academia and post-graduate students to reach out.
  • Join the mailing list, to receive regular updates on upcoming workshops, webinars and new report releases.

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