Great Big Wine Survey

 Only two methods exist for predicting consumer trends and behaviour: using a crystal ball or conducting thorough consumer research. For the third year, Vintelligence conducted the Great BIG Wine Survey brought to you by Hollard and presented the results to industry in February 2023. If you were unable to attend the webinar, we invite business and trade leaders to download the free electronic copy of the report here. You are also welcome to book a session with us to present these findings to your team or discuss further research needs.

 The 2022 Great BIG Wine Survey (GBWS) was conducted from 22 August 2022 until the end of September under the experience and guidance of leading independent consumer insights agency, KLA and Vintelligence. They were collectively responsible for the data analysis with the goal of promoting a revitalized South African wine industry. The goal was to gather analytical data to ensure that manufacturing, packaging, and marketing initiatives are in line with consumer needs.

Hollard supports this initiative as the value of this data for primary producers, and all participants in the value chain, is incredible. Andries Wiese, national business development manager for Hollard, says: “It allows all participants to manage and sustain a vibrant and mutually beneficial industry, together creating opportunities and a better future for all.”

The report only covers top line findings and provide a guide for further reporting deep dives. The insights covered in the report touch on price point, purchasing behaviour and wine journey, and will examine barriers to purchase and perceptions of wine, among other key insights.

Data from the GBWS can be used to support a targeted approach to consumers’ engagement. This data set provides the perfect basis for local wine producers to construct an efficient marketing plan that is supported by a clear brand strategy and narrative.

If the report does not cover what you are looking for, please contact us for a drill down or consultation

The data collected over three years allows us to provide insights on a range of topics, with a sample robust enough to allow drill-downs in segments.

Segmented analysis potential includes:

  • Age: (18-24, 25 – 34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+)
  • Gender: Male (40%),  Female (60%)
  • Regionality
  • Personal & Household Income
  • Wine Journey
  • Wine Association

The survey is based on 5 Pillars:

1. Preference 

  • Measuring:
  • Alcohol Occasions
  • Style & Type
  • Varietal Awareness
  • Packaging & Closures

2. Consumption Behaviour


  • Home & Out-of-Home Consumption
  • Spending habits
  • Purchase Frequency – Instore and Online
  • Barriers and Motivation to purchase and consumption
  • Visual Preference
  • Purchase influences (non-alc, Ethical and environmental considerations)

3. Tourism

  • Spontaneous & prompted awareness
  • Source of Tourism Awareness
  • Visit history
  • Visit intentions, duration, type of visits
  • Tourism appeal & planned tourism
  • Tourism Consumption

4. Engagement

  • Marketing preferences:
  • Marketing Content preferences
  • Platform Preferences and engagement
  • Social Media preferences 

5. Consumption Drivers and Barriers



Need more?

The Great Big Wine Survey is conducted annually, collecting responses from 5000+ consumers. Make use of this project to collect data for your business, research study or thesis. 

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